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How to encourage collective innovation

28th Jul 2014
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Collective innovation is not just about creating workplace structures which facilitate idea generation; it is also about building the capacity for staff to think creatively.

Change management isn’t just about culture

24th Jul 2014
Bruce Nixon Holocentric

When it comes to change management so much advice centres on how to improve culture and increase employee engagement, with little attention given to an organisation's processes and the significant role they play in change.

Gender agenda

18th Jul 2014
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While more women are finding themselves in senior roles, a simple management model is helping fast-track their rise. By Anna Hitchings.

AIM course review: Effective email management

16th Jul 2014

In AIM Melbourne’s Effective Email Management course, email strategist Steuart Snooks stresses the importance of resisting the urge to check your inbox every time something comes through.

Traits of an Outstanding Leader

15th Jul 2014
9 Traits of an Outstanding Leader

In every profession, industry and field of expertise, great leadership is paramount. But what are the attributes of outstanding leaders and why do these people stand out?